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??? When Rachel Ratelle saw a news video of a burned koala trying to climb a tree to safety in fire-ravaged (火災肆虐的) Australia, she decided to do something about it.

She looked up wildlife rescue and relief agencies in Australia to find out what they needed most. Besides donations, many organizations asked for hand-sewn (手縫的) and knitted pouches (袋子) and wraps for koalas and other animals that were burned or had lost their homes and parents in the fires.

This idea attracted Ratelle, but there was just one problem.

“I’d never sewn in my life,” said Ratelle, 17, a senior at Rancho Buena Vista High School in Vista, US. “Giving money seemed like something too simple. But I wanted to directly help these animals by doing something myself, so I decided to learn how to sew.”

Over the next few months, Ratelle bought her own sewing machine and taught herself how to sew via videos online. Then she purchased 18 yards of fabric and sewed 25 pouches of different sizes and shipped them off to For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid (FAWNA), one of several relief organizations that have rushed to rescue koalas, kangaroos and other species suffering from burns.

A week later, she received a photo from FAWNA with a young joey (幼獸) in one of her larger pouches. “It made me feel like I contributed to the world and it showed how a simple act of kindness can go a long way,” said Ratelle, who hopes to study biology for a future career as a nurse practitioner.

“I plan to use my new sewing skills to help animals and people devastated (蹂躪) by natural disasters,” she said.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, it estimated that 1.2 billion animals have died, as a result of the bushfires, which have burned more than 26 million acres in Australia.

Several craft guild (手工業行會) websites around the world? have mobilized (動員) for Australian relief by making the animal pouches. Karen Newberry and her two daughters Madison, 12 and Rochelle, 8, from San Diego also offered their help in such a way. For Newberry, “it was a big push that made we crafters, sewers to realize there’s something more we can do than just make things for ourselves,” she said.

1.What do the first two paragraphs mainly talk about?

A.What inspired Ratelle to learn to sew.

B.What is needed to save koalas and other species.

C.The poor living conditions of wild animals in Australia.

D.Different ways to help koalas and other animals in Australia.

2.How did Ratelle feel when she received a photo from FAWNA according to the text?

A.Proud. B.Calm.

C.Surprised. D.Disappointed.

3.The statistics (統計數字) in Paragraph 8 are used to show ______.

A.how frequent the bushfires are in Australia

B.how harmful the bushfires are in Australia

C.the great varieties of wild animals in Australia

D.the difficulties facing relief organizations in Australia

4.What do Newberry’s words in the last paragraph suggest?

A.People should stay united through difficult times.

B.Life is not easy for crafters and sewers in Australia.

C.It is challenging for crafters and sewers to do relief work.

D.Crafters and sewers can do more to help animals.


Courses & Curriculum of the College of Arts & Sciences in Cornell


The diversity of the courses you can take in the College of Arts & Sciences is extraordinary:

Academic Distribution Requirements

The College’s academic distribution requirements will include:

· effective writing

· foreign language beyond the introductory level

.· imaginative and critical thinking

To choose your courses for a semester, use the Class Roster. It shows the schedule of all classes offered in a particular term, along with class enrollment information and course details.

The Class Roster is updated frequently.

To plan your classes over your four years at Cornell, use the Courses of Study. It represents Cornell’s full catalog of courses and is published annually. It provides information on Cornell degree programs, requirements, policies and procedures.

If you need help, call 607-255-5004 for an appointment with an advising dean. Or contact a career counselor in the Arts & Sciences Career Development Center at 607-255-4166 to talk about your interests and how they can translate into a major and a future career.

A New Curriculum

On October 30, 2018, the College of Arts & Sciences faculty 教員) approved a new undergraduate curriculum to be carried out over the next two to three years. The new curriculum focuses on the theme of exploration and reaffirms the college’s commitment to a liberal arts and sciences education. Students who have questions about the new curriculum can view the approved proposal on the Course Designer app of Cornell.

Innovative Learning

If you’re one of the 3,000 students across the university taking biology or physics at the College, you may be part of an innovative 創新的) classroom project that uses active learning,a new model that is proving to be the quickest path to expert-level mastery.

Your education at Cornell will extend far beyond the classroom. You can join a faculty member’s research team on campus, conduct field study research in different states or spend a semester with Cornell in Washington D?? C. You could study abroad in one of more than 85 countries or develop your own research project through independent study. Give yourself the freedom to explore.


1.If you want to plan your courses over the long run, you can use the ______.

A.Class Roster B.Courses of Study

C.Course Designer D.Career Center

2.For students involved in an innovative classroom project, they ______.

A.may study a new model

B.are on the quickest way to be experts

C.will get more freedom during research project

D.have advantages of studying outside the classroom

3.The article is probably taken from ______.

A.a travel magazine B.a science report

C.a college website D.an academic journal


??? Ring! Ring! Ring! It was early in the morning and I knew who was _______ as I reached for the telephone. I was a new substitute teacher (代課教師) trying to earn enough money to _______ my family. Each morning, I _______ for a call that would take me to a different classroom. The last three classes had all been determined to _______ me and see just how much bad behavior they could get away with (逃脫懲罰). I had responded (應對) by being _______ with the students. I didn't really _______ to go to work that morning, especially since it was my birthday.

Still, I answered the phone and _______ the job. My family needed the money and I couldn't _______ to be picky (挑剔的). As I was driving to work, I _______ to try harder to be the best teacher that I could be.

As the class started, the students ________ tried to see what they could get away with. This time, though, I was ________ but fair with them. I did my best to make my lessons ________. I shared smiles, praised their efforts, and encouraged them to work hard.

The results were ________. My unruly (難以駕馭的) classroom soon ________. Students were learning and laughing, and I ________ felt like I was doing my job right. I went home feeling ________ in my heart and enjoyed the rest of my birthday with my family.

I remembered something that I once read: “Every day is a new opportunity to ________ again. Every day is your birthday.” Every day is a ________ for us to get things right, to live our lives with love and joy, and to make this world a better place. Don't ________ a single day. Just try to be the best you can be. Never stop ________.

1.A.bothering B.calling C.knocking D.playing

2.A.pay B.impress C.support D.provide

3.A.waited B.asked C.looked D.headed

4.A.please B.test C.persuade D.surprise

5.A.patient B.honest C.satisfied D.angry

6.A.want B.need C.choose D.hesitate

7.A.refused B.received C.took D.completed

8.A.manage B.pretend C.expect D.afford

9.A.agreed B.decided C.appeared D.started

10.A.in time B.at last C.at once D.once again

11.A.strict B.worried C.mad D.disappointed

12.A.clear B.useful C.fun D.difficult

13.A.strange B.funny C.important D.amazing

14.A.changed B.divided C.returned D.disappeared

15.A.again B.even C.finally D.nearly

16.A.confused B.happy C.tired D.upset

17.A.check B.settle C.discover D.begin

18.A.chance B.choice C.risk D.goal

19.A.spend B.forget C.waste D.save

20.A.learning B.trying C.asking D.thinking


閱讀下列短文,根據短文內容填空。在未給提示詞的空白處僅填寫 1個適當的單詞,在給出提示詞的空白處用括號內所給詞的正確形式填空。

The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duan Wu Festival, 1. (celebrate) in the 2. (five) month according to the Chinese calendar. For thousands of years, the festival has been marked by 3. (eat) zongzi, a kind of glutinous rice (糯米) wrapped to form a pyramid using bamboo or reed leaves, and racing dragon boats. To hold the dragon-boat races is in memory of Qu Yuan, one of the greatest 4. (poet) in China.


閱讀下列短文,根據短文內容填空。在未給提示詞的空白處僅填寫 1個適當的單詞,在給出提示詞的空白處用括號內所給詞的正確形式填空。

They suggest making small changes like taking public transport, recycling, using low-flow shower heads, and buying light bulbs that use less energy. Even simple things like using 1. (recycle) paper or switching off the lights when you leave a room can help. 2. we add up all these small changes made by everyone worldwide, they won’t be such small changes. They could be the changes that save our future. After all, there is no substitute 3. our earth.



Since Bird Flu first appeared in 1997, it 1. (take) more than a hundred lives. Many people fear it could be the next 2. (globe) epidemic, especially as scientists who studied tissue from the bodies of people 3. died of the 1918 Spanish Flu proved that Bird Flu is a modern adaptation of the same virus.


假設你是李華,美國網友Peter將到中國旅游,請你幫忙了解你市Camellia Hotel的情況。請根據以下要點給Peter寫一封回信:


Dear Peter,

How great it is to hear that you will come to China! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Li Hua



For many young people, going to university is one of the most important? 1. (stage) of their lives. It is the time when young people will move out of? 2. (they) home to live with other people, often strangers. 3.(especial) in the U.S, people often travel very far? 4.home to study. It is a time to be 5. (independence).

At university, you will? 6. (teach) by lectures and professors who are leading figures in their study. The opportunity to learn from and to discuss with them is 7. drives some people to apply to university. Students are required to choose a major that they wish to study. Apart from the 8. (academy) benefit, life at university also can allow students 9.(develop) their interests in many fields.

Thereforeuniversity is a place 10. you attain knowledge, develop your values and accept those who may be different.


As I sat motionless on the steps of the pool, watching everyone else swim back and forth, I realized that I had spent most of my life watching others enjoy themselves. It was then that I ____ a little girl staring at me with a look of confusion. I smiled at her, hoping to ______ the ice by talking to her. Unfortunately, my ______ failed and she just kept on staring. My ______ increased as a little boy swam up to me and said, “I feel sorry for you.”

After the ______ by chance, a thought struck me. I had to change ______ the world viewed me. Because it was children who stared at me the most, I decided to write a children’s book that taught them about ______ in a fun way. This is when KatGirl, a super hero in a ______ who helps children that are being bullied, came into my mind.

I quickly ______ inside my apartment and began creating the story. As I wrote each word, I could ______ my future as a world-famous author and public speaker. My excitement ______ like wildfire. Over the next two years, the story ______ many changes before it saw the world in the spring of 2011. My insistence ______ paid off.

One day I was invited to speak to the students at a neighboring school. I confidently wheeled into a classroom filled with students who ______ at me just like the little girl in the pool. “How do you feel when you see me?” I asked them. The kids bravely ______ , “ I feel sorry for you.”

I opened my book and started reading. Immediately I noticed the children’s stares turned to ____. “ How do you feel when you see me?” I asked again. Without ______ they replied, “ You are so cool! Does your ______ fly too?” I just smiled, “No, not yet, but maybe some day.” I knew in my heart that this was ______. The past two years had proven to me that with ______ anything is possible.

1.A. suggested??? B. watched??? C. noticed??? D. appreciated

2.A. forget??? B. break??? C. remove??? D. deliver

3.A. attempt??? B. project??? C. anger??? D. advice

4.A. relief??? B. confidence??? C. encouragement??? D. awkwardness

5.A. meeting??? B. competition??? C. argument??? D. interview

6.A. what??? B. when??? C. why??? D. how

7.A. potentials??? B. disabilities??? C. paintings??? D. manners

8.A. wheelchair??? B. pool??? C. car??? D. spaceship

9.A. walked??? B. wheeled??? C. rushed??? D. raced

10.A. regard??? B. realize??? C. picture??? D. consider

11.A. spread??? B. folded??? C. recovered??? D. declined

12.A. went through??? B. turned down??? C. looked up??? D. got around

13.A. generally??? B. carefully??? C. separately??? D. eventually

14.A. called??? B. glimpsed??? C. laughed??? D. stared

15.A. greeted??? B. responded??? C. agreed??? D. continued

16.A. doubts??? B. jokes??? C. tears??? D. smiles

17.A. discussion??? B. hesitation??? C. intention??? D. imagination

18.A. body??? B. dream??? C. chair??? D. book

19.A. impossible??? B. strange??? C. true??? D. false

20.A. determination??? B. generosity??? C. popularity??? D. harmony


??? Many cosplay activities are being organized in China, making the subculture popular among some youths. Cosplay means costume play, in which participants wear costumes and fashion accessories (配飾) to represent a specific character.

What’s the reason why youths are interested in cosplay? 1. Cosplay participants often interact with each other to dress up as characters from animes (動漫), cartoons, comic books, films, TV programs and video games. Youths who love cosplay have their own sets of jokes, which “outsiders” rarely understand. 2.

Cosplayers are almost always young, most of them under 25, and as they grow older, they tend to give up the practice. 3. Instead, they should treat such youngsters as normal youths, but at the same time warn them never to cross the social and moral boundaries.

The cosplay subculture is a kind of performing arts. Cosplayers usually get the costumes in these ways. First, through some companies that make and sell packaged suits for cosplay. Second, through some individuals that make costumes and accessories. 4.

With capital flowing into the ACG (二次元) industry, more specific and mature business models help the industry develop further. 5. Since then the domestic animation and game industry has been developing healthily with a stronger sense of using legal products. China’s ACG industry is likely to see higher growth in 2019.

A. Based on a research, 2015 proved to be a turning point.

B. The cosplay industry is expected to witness more success.

C. Therefore, there is no need for parents to overreact to cosplay.

D. So regulators should strictly monitor such events to prevent improper behaviors.

E. And besides, by making them themselves.

F. That’s because it’s a way for youths to express virtual love.

G. Perhaps that’s why some people dislike them.


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